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Who Would be Allowed to Acquire Data for All 50 States and DC?

As of 2015, only Political Committees, Parties, and a Candidate that is registered in all areas (I.e., a Presidential Candidate) or their Committee would be able to purchase all available statewide data. 

Politically Oriented Non-Profits would be able to purchase the data in every state except Maine and Maryland. However, they must often first register as an official committee in numerous states. 

A citizen of every state/district could purchase data for every state spare Kentucky, Maine, Massachusetts and New Hampshire (although New Hampshire does allow for public inspection of their voter list) provided that they doing so for reasons related to politics or to a campaign. They also may not be able to purchase data for Minnesota or New Jersey unless they are residents of these states. In a similar vein, they may not be able to purchase data from Minnesota or South Carolina unless they are registered voters in these states. 

How Much Would it Cost to Acquire All of the Data?

Currently, it would cost an estimated $126,482 for a US citizen to purchase the data for each state that they are able to. It would cost roughly $135,132 for a Politically Oriented Non-Profit to acquire all of their available data and $136,671 for Political Committees, Parties, and Candidates to do so. The similarity in cost between these last two sets of entities is partially because a handful of states provide the data to the latter free of cost.